Introduction to Web & E-Business

I spend a lot of my time on the internet browsing for things to buy, more often than not it’s clothing!

Below are a few examples of clothing websites I have visited in the past..

Out of the websites listed above my favourite based on its look and usability is the ‘Dark Circle’ site, this is due to the simplicity of the pages. In my opinion it changes the whole feel of the webpage and makes it seem much more professional.

However I believe this could be down to the size and range of products that both ‘Karmaloop’ and ‘Asos’ sell. I know that between these websites sell thousands of products, whereas the ‘Dark Circle’ store sells just under on hundred products.

Due to this I believe it would be extremely difficult for the two larger stores to simplify their homepage’s and still maintain the scope across the large customer base they have.

I have some opinions on what improves the user experience and what hinders it.

Simple design
Sleek/clear Images
Only text where necessary
Things where they should be historically (logo in top left, shopping cart top right, etc)
Clear product descriptions

Too much animation
Too many vibrant colours
Large Adverts
Loads of text


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