Branding & Logo Ideas

Today our lecture was based around logos and how eCommerce website brand themselves effectively.

Using the article written by Cass, (2009) I have learnt that logos are used by business to make their brand easily and quickly recognisable by the public. So for me this means that a logo need to be unique, so it can be easily distinguished against competitors that might be selling a similar product. Also it needs to be simple, and portray certain qualities such as trust, implied superiority and professionalism.

Following this research I have found some logos that I believe to tick all the boxes, when it comes to  successfully fulfilling the above qualities:

Windows –

The Windows logo had historically contained four window panes, in some cases they are coloured and the window appears flag-like. The colours make the association between the logo and earth through fire (red), water (blue), fauna (green) and flora (yellow) (, 2014). I believe the strongest aspect with this logo is the brand recognition, because whenever someone sees the four quadrants it is immediately affiliated with Windows.

Starbucks –

The first thing you will notice about the Starbucks logo is the mermaid-like creature in the centre. After doing some research I had found out that she was called Siren, and the reason she is situated there goes back to 1971. Back to when Starbucks was first starting out, in a search to find out some history behind coffee and it’s seafaring roots in Seattle, they came across her in some old marine books (Starbucks Coffee Company, 2014). Once again this is a great use because they have chosen an image for their brand, and stuck with it over time. This means that they have generated a specific brand image that will be recognisable to the public.

Olympics –

With the Olympic logo it has a slightly different meaning to the other logo examples I have used. This is down to the fact that the five rings of the Olympic logo traditionally represent the five different areas of the world involved in the Olympics (North and South America, Africa, Australia, Asia and Europe). Also the fact that the rings are linked symbolises the fact that athletes from the five areas come together to compete in the Olympics (Soltis, 2014). This a great branding strategy because individuals with see their logo and understand that it reflects the unity between the areas for the sporting event.

Great American Pizza –
The above logo is for pizza business located in the United States, I have included this logo as a contrast to the successful included in this post. Just Creative (2008) believe that a logo should be simple, I do not think the Great American Pizza Logo meets that criteria, because it holds too much information. I think information such as the business address and contact number could be displayed in other areas than on the logo itself.

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