Website Content

Content is a very important factor in the success and appeal of a website, when someone enters your website it is usually because they require information, data, a product or service. Due to this the content of your website needs to be relevant to the the users of your site. If you can fulfil their needs they will be happy to return to your website.

My website “Akeem’s iPhone Accessories” will be selling products to accompany Apple devices, so this means that my content should be relevant to the audience of Apple product users. For example if I was selling Samsung phone cases or clothing it would be completely unsuitable for my audience.

Another aspect of maintaining relevant information would be to ensure it is kept up to date. For instance if I was to do a christmas promotion sale, I would endeavour to ensure it was taken down in January. This is because it looks unprofessional if the information is out of date, also it can make the website seem untrustworthy because of this.

A website that is very content rich will have a substantial amount of text with not many images, this is a benefit because it will be search engine friendly (NRJ Design 2013). This means it will be must more readily available for the people that need the information. When composing the content in your website, it is important that you do not use jargon that your audience may not understand.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 17.34.29
(Currys 2014)
With the Currys website you will notice the large image showing the Christmas promotion, this is highly relevant because the date I took the print screen was 25th November. So many people will be heading to the Currys website to do their christmas shopping, so the image and link will be highly useful to them.

Dark Circle

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 17.47.51
(Dark Circle Clothing 2014)
Dark Circle sell clothing so it is even more important that the content of their website is updates as fashion changes and seasons come and go. The menu header that I have highlighted “AW14” stands for Autumn Winter 2014, which is their new collection of hooded sweatshirts, coats and wooly hats. This is important because if they hadn’t made this change they would still be selling t-shirts and shorts which would not be very successful as the weather becomes increasingly cold in the UK.

My Website (Keem’s iPhone Accessories)
Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 18.09.04
With my website you will notice that I have highlighted a section on he homepage where my latest blog post is situated. I use this section of my website to inform my user of things that may interest them, for example the blog post showing is that we are currently working on having some new cases made specifically for Keem’s iPhone Accessories.

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Dark Circle Clothing (2014) Homepage [Online] Available from: [Accessed 25 November 2014]

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