HTML Email Campaign

Nowadays email is used religiously, this is because information can be sent instantly at the click of a button, containing text, images and attached files. The Radicati Group (2013) reported that in 2013 there were over 3,899 million active email accounts, this is an opportunity that businesses should not be missing out on. Businesses can use email campaigns for promotion purposes, for example contacting potential customers informing them of new products or a discount sale. The purpose of a promotional email campaign is to entice the consumer into spending money on your product or service. As well as bringing in new customers, these campaign are great for customer retention as they remind your consumers that you are still trading, and interested in their business (Windsor Circle 2015).

Marketing in this way is known to give a great return on investment, 66% of companies rated their returns either excellent or good in 2013 (Email Monday 2014). This is due to how cheap this form of marketing is in comparison to many of the other alternatives such as, TV adverts and billboards which can be extremely expensive and are indirect, so reach is not guaranteed. The amount of people using email is also showing growth, which is great for businesses because it means a further increased number of potential customers. The design of the emails you send is also highly important because they need to appear trustworthy and professional otherwise, the public will need to differentiate between your email and the thousands of spam email sent each day. This means that the design of banner images and creating the text that will sit in the email can take time and can also become another expense if this work needs to be outsourced.

As well as the design, the time that these emails are sent are crucial to their success. Marovt (2014) explains that you need to understand your audience, then decide when they are likely to be monitoring their emails. Also if you want them to spend money on your product or service, it may be good practice to send promotional email towards the end of the month when most people are paid. It is also important to consider how often you are going to send emails as if they are sent too often, the recipients will unsubscribe and you will lose reach.

My Email Campaign
Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 17.55.02
I have created two different email campaigns for Keem’s iPhone Accessories, the above campaign is just an informative introduction about the organisation. It contains a banner with our logo and a small paragraph to explain who we are and the type of products that we are offering. The email also contains a link to our website so that the recipient can browse our products if they wish. Below that you will also notice that there is a link which reads “unsubscribe from this list”, this is because it is now a legal requirement to have this option on all promotional emails received.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 17.26.33
The next campaign had a completely different purpose, it was to promote a 50% weekend sale which would hopefully generate sale. It has a prominent banner at the top that reads “50% OFF SALE” this is to draw in the audience and make sure that they take notice when the preview pops up. The title states that the sale is for “This Weekend Only” add urgency to the situation, it means that if the customer wants the best deal they need to decide and act quickly. I also included some details on two of the best selling products to also tempt them to purchase fast.


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